Inspiring Humans to Nurture Their Souls, and the Temples They Dwell In

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    Information from me cannot replace medical advice, and should not be used to treat or cure any disease.


    Restorative and Yin Yoga

    A 45 minute meeting to assess initial mobility using classical yoga techniques. Leave your first appointment with a plan to meet your range of motion goals.



    Vinyasa Yoga

    A 60 minute one-on-one class, working on your specific goals for moving freely, joyfully, and safely for a lifelong practice.

    $70 private

    $80 semi-private


    Nutrition Services

    Have some big goals? Healing from injuries or health conditions? New allergies?

    I have tools for YOU.


    • meal plans and resources
    • recipe development
    • weekly shopping lists
    • kitchen organization & overhaul
    • in-home meal prep ​

    Take the guess-work out, so you can focus on crushin' life.

    Starting at $30

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    Yoga, Nutrition, and Personal Growth

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  • My vision

    I believe in fostering an environment for personal growth and vitalization of physical body, mind, and spirit.

    Empowering people to make choices that nourish the social and physical worlds we live in.


    For Total Wellness

    The sacred practice of yoga is about so much more than asana.

    Learn how to forge a strong physical practice, and simultaneously provoke a deep inner journey.

    Please use inquiry form for consultations and weekly schedule inquiries!


    Nourish the body holistically

    Provide the body with adequate building blocks for optimal function,so you can live your best life.


    Learn from the past, have hope for the future, make friends with the present.

    Every body is different. The more clients I work with, the more I fall in love with our unique expressions of being. Dancing with this expression is a process.

  • Behind the Scenes

    I grew up in mid-coast Maine, surrounded by the natural world.

    Throughout childhood, I loved competing as an equestrian. I observed the impact a nutritious diet has on the life of a performance animal, and my passion for wellness grew from these tangible changes in horses.

    My nerdy soul was set on fire by stacking conditions in favor of functional ability and well-being throughout the lifespan of horses.

    Eventually, I shifted this fascination to human nutrition, and later to spiritual healing from life trauma and drama.

    Thankfully, an unexpected epiphany shifted me to push to a greater life experience.

    As I lay on a rubber mat in a stuffy yoga shala; sweat saturated every pore of my body, astringent sage smoke filled my lungs, and a boundless desire to lift others up ignited in my heart.

    This is my journey, and I invite you to be a part of it.

    Brenda Reddy, RYT 200

    RD to be

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    Striving for excellence in continued yoga education

  • Testimonies


    "Brenda teaches with a serene and calm presence. She knows exactly how to move the bodies of all of her students. Brenda teaches with a knowledge that is clearly deeply felt in her own body and which she reflects, with clarity and precision, into the poses of her students. It is a pure joy to be in the spiritual energy and unique style of one of Brenda’s classes."

    ~Caro L.


    "Brenda's teaching style is serene and captivating. She guides the class effortlessly through flows that are unique and hold the perfect balance of being challenging but accessible to yogis of all levels."

    ~Jenny H.


    "Brenda has a mastery over coveted poses. Like any true yogini, she will tell you it took her time and discipline to accomplish. So, in addition to her majestic presence, she brings you hope and compassion to help guide you into a deeper personal practice."

    ~Janine J.

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