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You know those few moments in your life that really stick out to you, points where a profound paradigm shift totally changed your life??

When I think of this author's work, it conjures up an exact moment in my life that makes the computer screen go a little bleary.

New iPhone, downloaded podcasts. Included the #1 podcast from the health and fitness sector, seeking some inspiration to be more active.

It was spring on the Coast of Maine, and I was taking a walk around the bay in the small town I was living in at the time. The air was still crisp with winter, I bundled up, crunched gravel under my sneakers, and listened to my first episode of The Model Health Show.

Totally unexpected.

I knew I wasn't looking for some woo-woo self-help guru, and I wasn't looking for a wordy narrative from a science journal.

In fact, Shawn Stevenson is exactly the opposite.

And I mean... c'mon. The guy's doing something right.

How REFRESHING to hear a wealth of information presented in a way that keeps me coming back, week after week. His guest speakers hail from many sects of health, fitness and self-help. Mega stars, gems, real pros.

That day, I found something seriously profound in THIS episode:

(I suggest subscribing on iTunes so you NEVER miss out)

What I found in the HUGE cache of episodes from The Model Health Show was game changing for me. Previously, I had ideas of what I wanted to do with my life, but I hadn't found the inspiration to motivate me into action.

"Nothing truly valuable arises from ambition or from a mere sense of duty; it stems rather from love and devotion towards men and towards objective things."


I don't know how quickly I binge-listened to the entire library of episodes, but it was not long.

I listened constantly, never letting a minute of idle time go unused.

A deep desire for growth had been ignited within me. Shawn's work was a major catalyst into my self-improvement, and a new era of my life. I was emerging from a fog of unhealthy habits, and moving into the clarity of devotion to my self and others.

What came next?

I made small changes in my life, voted with my dollar, became more kind, driven, healthy, determined.

I wrote in a review for The Model Health Show packed FULL of questions and praise, and was pleased to be featured on his holiday show in 2015.

Whaaat?? Thank you, Shawn! One of the best gifts I received that year; encouragement to continue.

Now, YOU have discovered a wealth of knowledge and motivation.

Thank me later.

Great things.

Shawn Stevenson has been working on a revision to his #1 bestselling book Sleeper Smarter since I began following his work.

It's finally here!!! Woop! -------> or Amazon or whatever. Bookstores?!

How this book changed my life.

I know, I know. I'm a big fan of Shawn's work to begin with, so I might be a little biased.

But this story is for real, and my results are for real... that's what matters. Right?!

I've never slept well. From a very young age, all the way through recent years I got more nights of tumultuous, restless sleep than not. I expected that was the way it would always be, and did not credit my poor sleep quality to any of the health concerns I was facing.

Professional sleep study, chronic over-the-counter sleep aid use, benadryl, THC, CBD, melatonin, benzodiazepines, blood pressure lowering medications, and other pharmaceuticals. You name it. I was desperate.

I seriously dreaded sleep. Nightfall gave me anxiety----I knew I would soon find myself tossing and turning in bed for hours, sleepless and exhausted.

Something shifted. Thank goodness!

I now understand that nutrition, exercise, and sleep are THE factors of my lifestyle that influence health and longevity.

All three of these major lifestyle factors play of each other in a huge way.

Don't have your sleep in check? Expect making poor nutritional decisions.

Don't have your exercise program nailed down? Expect insomnia.

Poor nutrition? No energy to exercise.

Doesn't it just seem like common sense now?

Good! Use it. Read Sleep Smarter ;-)

The tricks of the trade.

So the book works like this: 21 chapters of knowledge bombs + 14 Day Sleep Makeover = new you.

The sleep makeover portion of the book was hard to follow through two weeks, but I tried. And I will try again.

This book will be reread, loaned out, written in, traveled with, dog-eared, and perhaps slept on.

Instead of dreading sleep, my whole attitude around this portion of life has lightened.

I used to think of sleep as a chore; a useless aspect of human existence I hoped to out grow.

Why haven't humans evolved to no longer require sleep?

The benefits far out-weigh the perceived negatives. All day, you engage in activity that is catabolic in nature. That is, your tissues are broken down through wear and tear. It's not all bad, gotta happen.

Lift weights? Catabolic.

Study sesh? Catabolic.

Breathing? Catabolic.

All of this catabolic life-stuff has to be balanced with something anabolic that will rebuild your molecules -- bigger and better than ever!

The answer is sweet, sweet sleep.

This book is packed with small action steps, or power tips, that are easy to follow and stack conditions in your favor to create a sleep pattern that serves YOU!

The takeaway.

This is a sector of health and wellness that is far overlooked in our society. This book is bringing sleep into the eye of the public in a huge way.

But, maybe even more importantly, The Model Health Show distributes knowledge from MANY professional authorities in health and wellness. This is monumental. I know this author's work has effected the lives of thousands upon thousands of people, and I invite you to be one of them.

From the bottom of my heart, I share this with you in hopes that it enacts positive change in YOUR life.

And, as Shawn says, let's make sleep sexy.

(this publication is my personal opinion, and in no way reflects the values or opinions of Shawn Stevenson or related brands)

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